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            Professional / High Efficiency supplier in sandstone production line area
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            Sichuan Deruibo Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Tianfu country, the future world garden city and one of the seven economic circles of China, the core of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle----Chengdu. Formerly known as Pengzhou Zhenxin Mining Equipment Parts Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 2008, it has committed to the mining machinery and accessories industry and achieved remarkable achievements. Our company focuses on the design, manufacture, sales and service of mining machinery and environmental protection equipment.Adopting the model of direct sales, direct sales and distribution, and implementing the strategy of international and domestic markets, eight branches have been set up in China, and the construction of foreign branches is gradually being carried out, with an annual sales income of over 100 million yuan. The company is mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of crushing equipment, feeding equipment, screening equipment, conveying equipment, mechanism sand equipment, milling equipment and environmental protection equipment, and has the overall design and construction capacity of the crushing yard production line. At the same time, it represents the promotion of well-known foreign environmental protection equipment brands in the domestic market, and gradually strengthens the pace of external cooperation (technology introduction, joint venture production). The company has good R&D, manufacturing, market expansion and after-sales service capabilities, and has a mature R&D and technical team and marketing team. Among them, there are 6 R&D engineers and 12 senior technicians. The company also reached a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Sichuan University and other research institutions. Companies adhering to the "common cause, common development, the pursuit of a better life" business philosophy and "service society, customer first" purpose, serving the mine, transportation, urban construction, environmental protection and other fields. We are willing to cooperate with all people of insight to create a better future.
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